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Today was a good day

May 28th..

What do two brothers do after a day of guiding? Go fishing.




Clay and I were assigned a 2 boat trip that requested to be off of the water by 4 pm… Perfect. This would leave just enough time for an evening Olallie to Frissell float.

With both of our semi-hectic schedules, we rarely get the opportunity to fish together. When the opportunity presents itself, we seize it.

This particular aspect of the Mckenzie is our favorite, technical rowing punctuated by precise fishing. It’s a team effort, both boatmen and fishermen must be in sync.

Safety First

Safety First




Purple Chubby Prevails

Purple Chubby Prevails

Fishing was good, company was better.

Cheap Shuttle

Cheap Shuttle

Forgot the keys to the rig in Clay’s truck.. Wasn’t the first time, won’t be the last.

Tip: If ever in desperate need of a ride, and have vehicle at hand. Open hood to vehicle, feign engine trouble, the next car will pull over.


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