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Another Quarterly

Pieces of our Fall,

We put more effort into salmon fishing this year, and we found it to be some the most rewarding fishing we’ve experienced.

When new fish haven’t showed up, and you’re fishing over stale ones that’ve been around awhile, it’s the most monotonous/boring fishing you’ll do. However, when these fish are fresh and mere football fields away from the salt, they can be the easiest/most fun anadromous fish to catch.

Our Rogue season with Todd Weck of was a blast. Low water early in September made boating interesting at times, docile spots at normal flows turned more technical due to one or two more exposed rocks.


Oregon Fly Fishing | Holloway Bros 

Trip to Fly Fish for Steelhead with Rogue Canyon Outfitters


stoke was high | Rogue Valley Canyon Outfitters | Fly Fishing Oregon

Taking the lure out of a caught fish | Holloway Bros

Head of a beautiful Fly Fishing catch at Rogue Canyon | Holloway Bros


stoke was high | Stoke from Rogue Valley Canyon Outfitters proudly holding steelhead | Holloway Bros

stoke was high

Winter steelheading has begun, our most anticipated time of year. We’ve had a rough start with high water and cold temps, but things have settled down. 

Here are a few fish from last week.

Fly Fishing in Oregon yielding results for Rogue Canyon Outfitters | Holloway Bros


Rogue Canyon Outfitters handling fish from Fly Fishing in Oregon | Holloway Bros

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