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A Recap

Winter came and went, leaving an extremely low snowpack in her wake.

Barring one major rain around the first of the year, the rivers remained low and fishable the majority of the season. At times things got desperately low, moving us to sections of rivers that we hadn’t spent much time on. The excitement and necessity of learning new water made those trips the most memorable of the season.

Holloway Bros Winter Fly Fishing on the McKenzie River for Trout

Holloway Bros Winter Trout Fly Fishing on the McKenzie River

McKenzie River Oregon Fly Fishing | Catching Trout | Holloway Bros


Winter Fly Fishing Oregon | McKenzie River | Holloway Bros

Trout fishing has been our focus the past 6 weeks.

The lower Mckenzie offers the potential for stellar dry fly fishing in the early spring, this year was no exception. The hatch can vary drastically day to day, but if the conditions are right, large trout will sip March Browns off of the surface.

Winter Fly Fishing Guides | Trout on the McKenzie River

The very upper Mckenzie… So fun.

A few shots from a couple days ago.

Lady behind the lenses: Katie Meyer

Holloway Bros Fly Fishing Guides enjoying a trip down the McKenzie River in Oregon

Winter Fly Fishing Guides on Oregon's McKenzie River

Holloway Bros Fly Fishing Guides fishing the McKenzie River in Oregon

Fish Ladder

Holloway Bros Fishing McKenzie River in Oregon during Winter

Winter Fly Fishing Guides in Oregon | Holloway Bros

Thanks to those who fish with us…

-Ty and Clay

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