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A Recap

Winter came and went, leaving an extremely low snowpack in her wake. Barring one major rain around the first of the year, the rivers remained low and fishable the majority of the season. At times things got desperately low, moving us to sections of rivers that we hadn’t spent much

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Another Quarterly

Pieces of our Fall, We put more effort into salmon fishing this year, and we found it to be some the most rewarding fishing we’ve experienced. When new fish haven’t showed up, and you’re fishing over stale ones that’ve been around awhile, it’s the most monotonous/boring fishing you’ll do.

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Spring, Summer and other

Both Clay and I have been busy, not a whole lot of time spent at the keyboard lately. Here’s a peek into where and what we’ve been doing the past few months. Valley steelheading has been good. With quite a few more fish over Willamette Falls than

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Umpqua Wild Steelhead Need Your Help

Taken from The Caddis Fly/ In typical agency fashion, ODFW is hosting a weekday event wherein working folks need to try to take a day off to support their interest in protecting wild fish in the Coastal Management Plan. There is a place for written public comments

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Homage to Another Oregon Winter

Our winter season has all but come to a close. Fewer and fewer new fish being caught signals a time to focus our attention elsewhere, and to let them finalize their journey. With an early season dominated by drought, and a mid to late season consisting of storm after storm, it was a

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Happy peeps

    Walt Petty and Steve Brehm of the McKenzie fly fishers enjoying the bump of water. Looks like more rain in the forecast, we neeeed it.     

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Early arrivals

Early winter steelhead have began nosing their way into our coastal streams. These late november/early december fish are the brightest fish we get to see all season, only days possibly hours from saltwater. There have been windows of good conditions between the subfreezing temps, and bumps in

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Last fall I began working for Todd Weck, owner of Rogue Canyon Outfitters. Todd offers 3 night 4 day fishing trips through the Rogue Canyon. These have quickly become my most anticipated trips of the year. The Rogue, like the upper Mckenzie and the North, is a

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fun in the sun

Another brother outing occurred this past week, this time in our truly most favorite setting. there are ten guide permits issued here, we don’t have one.  I won’t bother trying to associate words with how I feel after a stint on the North. I’m not good enough of a writer.

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2 days

Went casting looked at fish drove home.

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