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4 Days on the Umpqua River | Fly Fishing Trout

“Ty , 4 days on the Umpqua’s , and you were a GREAT guide , throughout , and in all aspects . Kudos . I loved every minute of it … Amazing , and we released some great fish . Great pics , too .Will fly out from Colorado to fish with you when I can , in the future . Phil and Clyde loved it , too … Thanks for making it special.”

Phil Pringle, Fort Collins , CO


1 Day on Umpqua River | Fly Fishing Trout | Fishing Oregon

“I was able to book a last minute trip with TY for a winter steelhead trip on the Umpqua river, and what a trip. I hooked 2 stealies within five minutes. The whole day was amazing and I will definitely be booking more trips with the Holloway brothers. They know how to get the fish on the fly.”

Jeremy Fullmer, South Lake Tahoe, CA


Fly Fishing on McKenzie River  Oregon

“As two novice fly fishers wanting to experience the McKenzie, Clay was the perfect guide. He was prompt yet patient, easy going though prepared and organized, a very tactful teacher, an expert navigator, great conversationalist, and a good cook to boot! By the end of the day, we were competent fly fishers and had caught our quota. Next time we fish the McKenzie, it will certainly be with Clay!”



Oregon Fly Fishing on McKenzie and Willamette Rivers

“I have been on three guided fly fishing trips for trout with Ty on the Upper McKenzie and Willamette rivers. I have never been with anyone who had more knowledge about fly fishing or made the trip more fun. Ty knows the rivers and every run and pool. He is very careful about releasing the fish. He is an expert with a drift boat and is tireless. I really worried the first time he told me to make a cast into a run under some branches where very big fish always were. My cast naturally went into the tree limbs but he just laughed, rowed back upstream through the strong current and huge boulders, and got my fly. Just recently, I had to cancel a Steelhead trip with my son and Ty because of bad weather. No problem. He knows I will be back.

I fish to enjoy the outdoors and to have a good time. I have enjoyed every trip with Ty and hope to have many more.”

George Knehr, White Salmon, WA


Holloway Bros fly fishing out on the Willamette River in Oregon

“I have fished with a number of excellent guides over the past thirty years. Ty Holloway is, by far, the best guide that I have ever had. Since 2012, I have taken eight trips with Ty and all were productive. However, one particular trip, an October 2013 Steelhead trip on the Middle Fork of the Willamette had to be my “Trip of a Lifetime” this far.

We put in around 8:00 AM, swinging flies with a 7 weight, switch rod. I had my first Steelhead by 8:30 AM and hooked up at least fifteen more times by 3:00 PM. I must have brought in and released at least ten beautiful, hard fighting Chromebacks. Around 3:00 PM, my rod arm was tuckered out and I asked Ty to fish a little before we called it a day. Ty then landed the largest Steelhead of the day.

Ty’s ability to put me on the fish, Steelhead, Trout or Salmon is just one aspect that I appreciate. Additionally, Ty is a fantastic fly-fishing mentor who not only possesses tremendous angling skills and knowledge, he has the ability to impart that knowledge to his clients. My casting, mending and hook setting skills have improved exponentially under Ty’s, patient, encouraging tutelage.”

Mike Mclane, Corvallis, OR


Fly Fishing with the Holloway Bros on North Umpqua in Oregon

“Ah yes, the Holloway Bros… Where to start. Well, let’s start with the lucky draw, I was new to the area having just relocated from near Seattle. In need of a fly fishing fix in my new home, a call to the local fly shop to get a guide to do some trout fishing was in order. Clay Holloway returned my call and it all began….

Clay introduced me to the North Umpqua and it’s magnificent steelhead fishery. And I am now addicted. After all, flyfishing is a terminal disease. Instantly, Clay understood my limitations and successfully put me in fish producing positions. His enthusiasm is obvious and his skills are finely honed from his years of experience. Too bad I am not a rich man, as I would surely fish with Clay even more than I do.

I also have fished with Ty. The experience, albeit for trout, was just as awesome.

I would like to give a shout out to the infamous Holloway Bros parents. You must be extremely proud of your boys. They are fine young men that clearly have been brought up well. You are to be congratulated.”

Bob Mosqueda, Low Pass, OR


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