Rates / What’s Included

Full Day Trips

Price is $600 for the boat, two anglers allowed per boat

Winter Steelhead $650

Half Day Trips

Price is $450 for the boat, two anglers allowed per boat

Whether you’re interested in casting and retrieving flies for salty Chinook, tangling with a wild winter steelhead, presenting a swung fly to an aggressive summer steelhead, or watching a McKenzie “Redside” rainbow trout sip your dry fly, we’ve got a trip catered for you.

Trout in McKenzie River and Middle Fork Willamette

McKenzie River

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The Mckenzie offers quality year-round trout fishing within minutes of Eugene.

Whether you’re interested in a fun family outing where everyone is sure to catch fish, or you’re a seasoned angler looking to hone your skills, the fabled Mckenzie River has something to offer you.

The Mckenzie originates high up in the Cascades, where the large spring creek begins its steep descent through dense, lush old growth. These upper reaches of the Mckenzie teem with wild rainbow trout. It’s in this high gradient “upper” portion of the river where even the most well traveled trout angler will be astonished by the uniqueness of the fishing experience. It is a quick, cascading river punctuated with pools, flats, and extended boulder strewn rapids. This dynamic portion of the Mckenzie offers something for anglers of all abilities who are looking to test and improve their skills.

While still in the slopes of the Cascades, and guarded by immense stands of Douglas Fir, the “middle” Mckenzie is ideal for anglers of all skill levels. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife routinely stocks this section with rainbow trout, this provides a great atmosphere for the beginning angler to learn the technique of fly fishing, while being rewarded with ample opportunity to catch fish. With many wild fish mixed in, the “middle” Mckenzie has something for everyone.

As the Mckenzie approaches its confluence with the Willamette, its character changes dramatically; Cottonwoods replace Firs, fertile valley lowlands replace steep hillsides, long runs and glides replace pocket water and plunge pools, the one constant is the quality of fishing! This “lower” section is managed for wild trout, and as a result, is home to the largest fish in the Mckenzie.

Both full and half day trips are offered on the Mckenzie.

Middle Fork Willamette

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The “Middle Fork”, like the Mckenzie, is a fantastic trout stream that has year-round fishing opportunities.

While receiving less press than the Mckenzie, the Middle Fork presents anglers with a unique, uncrowded opportunity to target wild trout year-round. The Middle Fork sees the same prolific hatches as its more reputed brother to the north, with generally less pressure.
Flowing from the base of Hills Creek Reservoir, the Middle Fork keeps a constant moderate temperature all year, making it a good option early and late in the season.

Both full and half day trips are offered on the Middle Fork.

Summer and Winter Steelhead

Summer Steelhead

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The Middle Fork of the Willamette near Eugene offers astounding swung fly opportunities for summer steelhead.

You’ll be transported via jet boat to one of countless classic steelhead runs, where easy wades, light sink tips and light flies are the rule. We firmly believe that the “Middle Fork” is one of the best rivers in Oregon to learn the nuances of the modern spey cast, while having a very high likelihood of success.

The Willamette’s summer steelhead season runs longer than most rivers in Oregon. Summer steelhead show in fishable numbers on the Willamette in May, with consistent fishing lasting into November.

We utilize jet boats while swinging flies on the Willamette. With the use of a jet boat, your fly is in the water more, creating more opportunity for success. We are able to cover water faster and more thoroughly. The ease and comfort of fishing from a jet boat cannot be overlooked, “it’s the only way to fly” as some say.

We pride ourselves on having the most current spey tackle available. All of our summer steelhead trips focus on improving one’s effectiveness with a spey rod. First time spey anglers will find themselves casting and fishing effectively within minutes.

Both full and half day trips are offered for summer steelhead on the Willamette.

Winter Steelhead

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Oregon is home to some of the best winter steelhead fishing in the world, and Eugene is the ideal hub to pursue these iconic fish.

We guide everything from small creeks barely navigable by drift boat, to rivers like Umpqua that drain over 4,000 square miles. With such a diverse selection of winter steelhead streams, we’re able to fish nearly every day of the winter season, barring major flood events.

Jet boats and drift boats are used, whichever is best suited for the location you’ll be fishing.

Few fish are held in such regard as the wild winter steelhead, let us show you what we’ve unlocked on Oregon’s central and southern coast.

Only full day trips are offered for winter steelhead.


Chinook salmon

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We offer fall Chinook salmon trips along the Oregon coast. Most of the fishing takes place within a few miles of the Pacific, and often the targeted fish have come in on the most recent high tide. We target salmon by casting and retrieving flies while on anchor. You won’t soon forget the grab of a ocean bright fall Chinook.

Only full day trips are offered for Chinook.

Holloway Bros Fishing is First Aid/CPR certified, licensed through Oregon State Marine Board and United States Coast Guard under Special Use Permit through Willamette National Forest.

Cancellation Policy

If trip is cancelled prior to two weeks of date scheduled a $100 deposit will be collected, if trip is cancelled within two weeks payment will be collected in full.